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Crystallizes in many different shapes, textures, and colors, all provide us with the same energies, tranquility, charm, kindness, love and favorable outcomes, soothes the emotional body and relieves stress. A great stone for anyone who ever felt unwanted, unloved, or out-of-place as a child, hold a piece in your left palm and give it permission to heal your inner child. The frequency of Smithsonite connects to all the chakras, the various colors having a stronger resonance and specific effects on certain chakras. Colors vary from pink, purple, lavender, green, blue-green, yellow, brown, blue, to gray and white.

 Blue heals emotional wounds by bringing in Universal love. Releases anger, fear, and pain. Balances the energy field between the etheric and emotional bodies and eases panic attacks.

Blue/Green stimulates the Throat Chakra helping one to communicate one’s “heart-felt” emotions to others.

Yellow/Orange supports the Solar Plexus Chakra dealing with issues and emotions connected to one’s “personal will” and helps to clear negative emotions and patterns relating to one’s personal power.

Pink holds the vibration of unconditional, Universal love. Heals the heart and can assist in overcoming emotional trauma such as abuse and abandonment, rebuilding trust and security.


SATURDAY JULY 2nd,  11am - 5pm

Guest - Hara Dyani SoothSayer

Welcome! I am a Shamanic Practitioner. I am known for my demonic activity slaying and missing person recovery, but I do so much more..... I am of Apache Indian, Cherokee Indian descent and I carry that heritage experience into my practice. I am a shaman from birthright, and a long line of medicine men and woman. I am someone that acts as a bridge between the shamanic indigenous world and the modern world and brings the wisdom of my ancestors and their knowledge to people to help facilitate there healing and balance. I connect dimensions and vast interconnected realms together to bring knowledge to any situation.

The goal here is to bring the vibration of the earth up, here we find love, peace and good for all, we also find answers to our questions and just maybe a solution... I vow to take you to a new level of exitance and to show you that you are here on earth for a reason. I will help you get to whatever level you want to go to the best of my abilities. Take a hold of faith and let it show you your master creation into the life you were meant to be in.


Soul Path 5 card reading  $172

 Shamanic Oracle 3 card reading $140.    1 Card Pull $40

 Wisdom Oracle card reading  3 Card pull $140  1 Card pull $40

 Spirit Communication   $192

Spirit guides, family, friends and so on...

 Negative Energy Removals  $230 ( Warfare)


SATURDAY  August 13th 11am - 5pm
The Karmic Star Readings: Available at Blue Lagoon Wellness Center
An Illumination - $40 - 25 minutes
Discover your own Vedic luminaries! Explore your rising sign, moon sign, you personalized hidden constellation, and your Sun sign destination in relation to your own personalized horoscope. Receive a glimpse of the Saturn (Planet of Karma) and Jupiter (Planet of Gifts) transits impacting your life.
A Celestial Journey- $60 - 45 minutes
A full review of your Vedic natal birth chart! Review the placement and transit impacts of all your personal planets and impacting houses. Unlock the knowledge of the “shadow planets” with past life influences, your time keeper planet, and your Soul significator planet.
An Enlightenment - $40 - 40 minutes
***Advanced Reading - A Celestial Journey reading is required pre-requisite***
Awaken in the revealing of your sacred Vedic Navamsha chart. This chart traverses your divine gifts and identification of the 9th harmonic energies impacting your natal birth chart. Emerge with the esoteric knowledge of your “Destiny Planet”, and the wisdom of the cosmic forces fostering guidance to your Karmic journey.
Call Blue Lagoon Wellness Center to schedule your time or drop by for first Available. We advise you to call and schedule an appointment. Last time there were no appointments available by the day of the event.

25 % Off SELENITE 
The Month of August

Selenite is a doorway through which the vibration of your Higher Self can enters your consciousness, physical body, and energy systems. The importance of connecting with your Higher Self does not lie in its ability to take you out of this level of experience. It’s importance lies in its capacity to bring your highest possible, consciousness down into the physical level. When you connect to your Higher Self, your physical body and physical manifestations become tool for Divine expression in your life. Spiritually it is not meant to be used as an escape pod to get away from this level of experience. It is instead our greatest too to bring enlightenment to this level. Selenite assists you in that task of embodying your Higher Self.

You can access this through holding a piece of Selenite in each hand while you meditate, while having energy work session or just as a comforting time in your easy chair. Selenite is also used to clear and balance your other crystals and stones. A charging plate is used for this. You can use Selenite to make grids for connection to Source.

Using Selenite around your home or office to bring a calming and spiritual connection that everyone will benefit from. Selenite comes in different formations and is shaped into may shapes, bowls, wands, charging plates, lamps, hearts and some are even carved!

Blue Lagoon has many of these shapes plus pocket stones, hand bars (2 in). There are polished wand or natural, square or round charging plates, Natural formation clusters that are great for the home or office plus they are Beautiful!

THE MONTH OF AUGUST 25% OFF your selenite purchase.

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We all have experienced emotional and physical pain at least once in our lives, and it is one of the things that most people do not want to feel for a long time. To relieve discomfort, Blue Lagoon Wellness Center in Wilmington, NC offers different services and products that can boost your physical and spiritual healing.

We focus on Spiritualism, Energy Balancing and Reiki, as well as Massage Therapy. Additionally, we sell crystals, rocks, and minerals. Blue Lagoon Wellness Center in Wilmington, NC has what you need to improve your well-being.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a source of love and light to our community. We are here to lead by example and to provide gentle, loving guidance to all who seek assistance in their spiritual path. To answer questions, we provide loving inspiration as well as examples of how awesome this wonderful life can be. We offer our personal services and the wellness center to all who seek a safe, loving, and energetic environment to assist you with your healing, while opening your awareness of your true self, revealing one’s true path of service. Now, let go and experience your true self.


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Blue Lagoon Wellness Center offers various services that help promote the optimal healing of every individual. Clients may avail of the following services that we provide:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Massage Cupping
  • MediCupping
  • Vacu-Therapies
  • Energy Work
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Metaphysical Shop
  • Crystal Energy Healing
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis
  • Psychic Advice
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Aura Photography
  • Energy Clearing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Hypnotherapy

Crystal Gridding and Crystal Energy Feng Shui

We offer Crystal Energy Feng Shui, Artisan Crystal Jewelry, and Authentic Crystal Specimens.

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