Shoulder Surgery, Nashville

We rely on our shoulder for different activities, such as playing sports or doing household chores. Our shoulders are one of our body’s most flexible joints. However, shoulders are also susceptible to various injuries. Your movements can be limited if you are experiencing shoulder pain. Disregarding pain and discomfort on your shoulders may result in injuries that may require shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

Common Remedies Other Than Shoulder Surgery for Nashville Residents

Treatment for shoulder pain may vary depending on the causes and severity of the problem. Your doctor will determine whether you need to undergo shoulder surgery for Nashville residents. He or she may recommend options before a shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

Rest, stretching, and anti-inflammatory medication are some common remedies for shoulder pain. Other known remedies include physical therapy as well as ice or heat application. If these options don’t work, your doctor may recommend a shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

What is shoulder surgery for Nashville residents?

Trauma or overuse of the shoulders may lead to injuries. Damaged muscles, joints, or connective tissues can be addressed through shoulder surgery for Nashville residents. Here are some common cases that may require shoulder surgery for Nashville residents:

  • A dislocated shoulder may need shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

Swelling, numbness, deformity, weakness, and bruising are common symptoms of a dislocated shoulder. This condition may tear the tendons and ligaments in your shoulders. Get in touch with a doctor for an examination. He or she will determine if you need shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

  • Rotator cuff tear may require shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.
    Age-related wear and tear, degeneration of the tendon, or a bad fall are possible causes of a rotator cuff tear. You will feel pain in front of your shoulder and the side or your arms. Apart from acute pain, you may also experience a snapping sensation and weakness of the arm. An orthopedic surgeon may recommend shoulder surgery for Nashville residents. Return to your normal activities with the help of shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

  • A separated shoulder may need shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

Also known as shoulder surgery for Nashville patients.

  • Arthritis of the shoulder can be treated with shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

Arthritis of the shoulder can be painful and can limit your range of motion. Simple tasks such as reaching a shelf or raising your arm can be difficult. You may also hear a snapping sound every time you move your shoulders. In case nonsurgical treatments don’t work for you, your doctor can recommend shoulder surgery for Nashville residents. Learn more about shoulder replacement surgery here.

  • Sternoclavicular joint separation may require shoulder surgery for Nashville residents.

Pain and swelling are some common symptoms of sternoclavicular joint separation. You may also experience movement between your collarbone and your breastbone.

Sternoclavicular joint separation may happen with a direct blow to the shoulder due to accidents or playing contact sports. A doctor can recommend nonsurgical treatments or a shoulder surgery for Nashville residents, depending on your problem.

Preventive Measures After Shoulder Surgery for Nashville Residents

Staying healthy after shoulder surgery for Nashville residents is important. To stay healthy, your surgeon or doctor may recommend exercises to maintain and strengthen your shoulders. You need to diligently follow the required exercises to possibly avoid another round of shoulder surgery for Nashville patients.

Do you need to undergo shoulder surgery? Nashville residents can contact us.

Trust only Dube Orthopedics if you need shoulder surgery for Nashville patients. Our center offers an array of medical and surgical treatments, including shoulder surgery for Nashville residents. Contact us to learn more about shoulder surgery for Nashville patients.

Improving Your Quality of Life Through Extensive Orthopedic Solutions

Are you suffering from a fracture or a spine-related injury? Do you have a damaged joint that is in dire need of replacement? Did you tear your ACL after competing in a sport? If you answered yes to any of these, then you definitely require medical attention—particularly from a doctor who specializes in the field of orthopedics.

To ensure long-term relief from the pain and discomfort you are currently feeling, you should only go to an orthopedic center that is trusted by patients. Dube Orthopedics is a reputable treatment facility that performs a wide variety of medical and surgical treatments for various diseases and injuries plaguing the musculoskeletal system.

Dube Orthopedics: Providing Quality Care to Middle Tennessee Residents

At Dube Orthopedics, we are known for our comprehensive approach to every service that we offer. From accurately diagnosing skeletal deformities to effectively performing the appropriate treatments, we make sure that all bases are covered when it comes to delivering quality orthopedic care.

Our services can be primarily categorized into three key areas, particularly general orthopedics, joint replacement, as well as sports medicine. We have a deep understanding of multiple parts of the human body, specifically the muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves, and spine.

Orthopedics 101: A Brief Overview of This Medical Specialty

In a nutshell, orthopedics involves the use of physical, medical, as well as surgical methods to treat issues that affect the musculoskeletal system. Some of the problems that orthopedists treat include osteoporosis, torn ligaments, lower back pain, strained tendons, slipped disks, clubfeet, and various growth abnormalities.

The role of orthopedists is not limited to the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. They can also create exercise of physical therapy programs that allow you to rehabilitate and restore the mobility you once enjoyed.

Dr. Scott Dube: The Cornerstone of Our Widely Respected Orthopedic Center

A Knowledgeable Expert in the Complex Field of Orthopedics

Without question, Dr. Scott Dube has been largely instrumental to the success we have enjoyed ever since our orthopedic facility was established. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who possesses an extensive amount of experience treating various conditions, such as fractures, sprains, and strains.

Dr. Dube performs both operative and nonoperative treatments that address a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues. From complete joint replacements to minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, his surgical capabilities are nothing short of admirable. At the same time, Dr. Dube is an expert at nonsurgical methods—stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injections just to name a couple.

A More Up Close and Personal Look at Dr. Scott Dube

A proud native of Nashville, Dr. Dube is a product of David Lipscomb University, where he completed his undergraduate degree. He then earned his medical degree from East Tennessee State University, particularly at the Quillen College of Medicine. Eventually, Dr. Dube officially completed his residency at the University of Louisville.

After receiving the necessary education to excel in the field of orthopedics, Dr. Dube decided to return to his roots, starting his own orthopedic practice in Hermitage—his beloved hometown. To this day, he has been leading a highly successful practice, helping patients recover from various injuries and conditions.

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Why turn to just any random orthopedist when you can be treated by a proven name in Dr. Dube? He is committed to helping every patient enjoy a life that is free of pain and discomfort by utilizing his skills, resources, and experience in orthopedics. Get in touch with Dube Orthopedics today to book an appointment!